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Physical copies of the cassette are 5.50, shipping included. Email necklacingma@gmail.com .

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released May 31, 2012

Recorded May 6th & 13th at Labyrinth Audio in Billerica, Ma.
Engineered by Keith Gentile.



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Necklacing Massachusetts

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Track Name: Criminal
bottomless pit throat full of shit lined up for water and bleached bread I'd rather a grave I'd rather death under every unrobbed bank front of every loaded tank they've got me living like a sick animal I'd rather be a fucking criminal.
Track Name: Cannibal
It's easy on your own time and it's easy to spill fucking lines your blood is shit and it means nothing to me and I don't want it running through me.
Track Name: Chemical
blistered feet rotted teeth lifetime of debt or a slug in the head only worse with time I'd give you a hand but my arms are tired
Track Name: Disease
hang on to every short breath drown in every plunge and crest without a voice you don't exist trapped and looking for an exit and they'll always that on you and they'll always be fucking above you and don't listen when they tell you you'll get better and you'll spend forever under your own shit weather shaking on the cuticles of society waiting for your turn to fucking speak.
Track Name: Icepick
icepick lobotomy mouthful of amphetamine they'll test poison in you brain long past its had enough white cell white hell white coat white hell stripped down they froze in a pile of shit they let them die so they wouldn't have to pay now they keep you going to get paid.
Track Name: Moira
life spent paying death for no service and we'll never see fruit for this shit I know these dumps like the back of my hands I'm a map of dead fucking roads leathering my skin polishing my bones the gears will still turn without me but you still drain my body life spent looking for an answer that was right between my teeth and if you find me don't tell the police just let me have my pride and let me get some sleep I won't lie down and die for it.